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Training Your New Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Cocker Spaniels have been one of the most popular breeds in America for over one hundred years. The dog may be somewhat small in stature, but don’t let its size full you; this dog has incredible endurance and a drive that rivals any dog twice its size. Though the breed can be a great family companion, training must begin early on if you expect the dog to understand its place in the household .Here are 7 important tips for training your Cocker Spaniel:

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1.Start Early
Training should begin as soon as you bring your new puppy home. Though your puppy won’t be permitted entry into a formal obedience class until it receives at least two sets of vaccinations, training can most certainly begin at home. The easiest way to start training your new puppy is to praise him every time you catch him performing a desired behavior. For instance, when your puppy sits on his own, tell him, “Good sit!” Follow your praise with a treat and you’ll not only be positively rewarding his actions, but you’ll help him associate words with his actions.

2.Play Veterinarian
If you don’t get your puppy used to being handled, trips to the vet will be stressful for both of you. Be sure to play with your puppy’s ears every day, grab his feet and gently squeeze, manipulate his toes and move his legs. Put your fingers in your puppy’s mouth, lifting his lip and rubbing his gums. If you do these things with your puppy several times a day, your visits to the veterinarian will be smooth and easy.

3.Play Groomer
If you want your Cocker to look his best, he’ll need to be groomed several times a year. Spend time grooming your puppy at least once a week. Chances are you won’t want to take scissors to your baby’s coat, but you can brush him, clean his ears and clip his toenails. These are all things that a groomer will be doing and the sooner you get him used to it, the better.

4.Socialize with People
You should being socializing your puppy as soon as possible. Make sure that his experiences with humans are positive ones. Let new people give your puppy treats, hold him and gently pet him. Your puppy should always view humans in a positive light and exposing him to good experiences will help him do so. Try to meet at least ten new people each week.

5.Socialize with Animals
Once your veterinarian gives you the go-ahead, you should begin socializing your puppy with other animals. This is typically safe to do after your puppy has received his second or third set of vaccines. Enroll your new dog in a puppy obedience class, take him to the dog park and take him to the pet store. Each positive interaction that he has with other animals at a young age will make him a more social adult.

6.Formal Obedience Classes
When your dog is between three and six months old, he will be welcome in a formal obedience class. These classes normally meet once a week for approximately eight weeks and are taught by a professional. You will learn how to teach your dog the basic obedience commands: sit, down, stay, heel and come. It is imperative that you practice what you’ve learned several times a day for at least ten minutes per session.

7.House Training

House training is one of the most difficult things to accomplish for new puppy owners. To house train your puppy, take him outside on a leash, and walk him to the same spot in the yard every time. Stand still and quietly repeat, “Go potty!” as you wait for your dog to eliminate. As soon as he urinates or defecates, praise and treat him and walk back in the house. Your puppy will need to go outside within ten minutes of eating or drinking and immediately upon waking, playing or being greeted. Additionally, you should plan on taking your puppy outside to eliminate at least once every two hours.

Cocker Spaniels can make fantastic family pets. If you follow these 7 important tips, you’ll have a social, well-trained adult dog for many years to come.

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Puppy Training: How  to use food the right way.
When Training your cocker spaniel puppy, it should always be fun and you never yell at your puppy. I would recommend to use food in the beginning of the training and it will help your puppy learn fast, and also will keep the puppy wanting to work harder for you for there next training session.

The most important part about using food to train a puppy is that most people have trouble getting their puppy to listen to them if they do not have food. The reason for that is because they did not teach the puppy that if they gave it a command and the puppy did not listen to the command and they still gave it the food anyway.

This is why everyone that is using food reward bass training is having there problem. So what you need to do is teach your puppy to respond on command and when the puppy is responding on the command then give the food to your puppy.

Watch this girl training her cocker spaniel puppy with food bass training, and  she is also using clicker training method. You will see when giving a command she will reward and click with her puppy.  This girl is doing a great job with her training and this going to be a nice dog. I will be posting more on this type of training with this website because food training can be the best way for anyone to learn how to train their puppy.

In this video, you are watching how to use a clicker the right way for training a cocker spaniel Puppy. This girl has done a awesome job with her training. To learn more about how you can also train your puppy with clicker training method.

The guy is training the puppy to respond with a whistle training along with using a clicker. This is also a good way to train your puppy with food. Watch how he is using the food and how he is rewarding the puppy.

This guy is doing a great job with hes puppy, and this is what food bass training can do if it is done the right way. I love training puppy myself it is a lot of fun play with them at the young ages.  Both training methods work well and been around for many years.

While many people consider the Cocker Spaniel to be a great family pet, most fail to consider that the breed also makes an excellent bird dog. Spaniels of any type are great hunters and the Cocker Spaniel is no different.

With step by step training guide.

There are many of types of dog training methods out there today that professional are teaching.  But the best thing that i would recommend is to go with the ones that have been proven to work.  I have use these methods myself for over the last 10 years, and they still work today.  If you find our information to be helpful, please share this website with friends and family.  Everything you need to know about Cocker Spaniel Dog Training In 1 Place. Best of luck and wish you great success in your training.

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